Love your dog

Welcome to my website my name is Linda and I have had cavaliers of my own for many years. My passion is to take care of them and make them happy and give them lots of love. So, when I started boarding little dogs in my home my passion has now extended to looking after so many wonderful little dogs and meeting so many kind wonderful dog owners from different places from all countrys such as  America, Spain, Brazil and Australia etc.

So, wherever we come from we all seem to share this passion and this love for our pets and we want them to be safe and looked after when we are not with them. We want the best service for our pet. I will provide that service for you. Also if your dog is unwell and needs special attention we are very able to help you and look after your pet while you are away.

LoveYour Dog will give you the service that you need. We will love your dog while you are away.



Your little dog can visit our house or all year round. Our house is gated and very safe. We have wonderful garden as you can see the pictures below and everything in our house is very dog friendly and very safe.

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